My husband was Brice.
To my grandchildren, I am Nana.
To honor them, I am NanaBrice!

I’m not sure what anyone would want to know about me so just ask.

I am writing, simply because I cannot not write. This is something I have always wanted to do. But I was afraid no one would read. And if someone did read, they wouldn’t like. But I also felt it was something I was being called to do. So as an act of obedience, I will share some of what the Lord is teaching me. If anyone else reads what I write, and it is of any benefit, then please thank the Lord. If no one reads but me, then I will have been obedient.  God is the only one who knows why I need to write. My job is to do what He says. NOW, if I can just continue to remember, it is not my job to know why. I have not arrived. But hopefully, you will go with me on the journey.

Feedback is much appreciated, but to keep this a safe place for everyone, posts will be previewed.


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